1) Legal advice on all aspects of family law, including with respect to divorce; custody and access; child support; spousal support; division of property/assets; negotiation/mediation of Separation Agreements; Pre-nuptial Agreements/Marriage Contracts; annulments; restraining orders; variation proceedings; family law; litigation; alternative dispute resolution; facilitation of Mediation/Arbitration with a qualified family law mediator/arbitrator.
2) Legal advice as to the various alternatives availlable to you to resolve your case in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
3) Reccommendations as to the "next steps" to be taken in your case.
4) Should you choose alternative dispute resolution (Mediation and/or Arbitration) Catherine A. Haber can assist you by providing independent legal advice throughout the Mediation/Arbitration process.
5) Should you choose litigation, Catherine A. Haber can assist you by acting as your counsel throughout the litigation. Catherine A. Haber has 32 years of experience in family law litigation in Ontario.
6) Should you choose to resolve your family law matter by way of negotiation, Catherine A. Haber can assist you by providing legal advice on your rights and obligations and attending settlement meetings with you. Catherine A. Haber, through her experience as a Dispute Resolution Officer in the Superior Court of Justice at Milton, Ontario and her 32 years of experience in family law, can provide strong legal and practical advice as to how to best resolve your matter.